Official Photography of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification

Welcome to the official photo and video archives of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification USA. You can find, order prints and download photos from any gallery. We will continue to grow this library to celebrate and preserve our church history. If you have photos to contribute, please let us know!

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7/29/18 Day27/28/18 Day17/25/18 Day8 3 Closing7/22/18 Day5 1 Morning Testimony Discussion7/18/18 Day1 OpeningGroup photos official6-24-18 Leaders Training@Miyazakidai Japan6-13-18 ACLC-KRA Clergy Prayer Breakfast6-13-18 KRA EG Belvedere06-09-18 GPA Graduation UTSReport Dr. Kim's Visit 6/3/20185-27-18 Family Fest Belvedere5-19-18 ACLC Women in Ministry 43rd st5-17-18 Japanese Tea Ceremony Romania5-13-18 Belvedere5-11-18 GPA STF Refresh Reunion Michigan5-11-18 43rd ST NYCCARP Las VegasEditedEdited4/11/18 TongIl Group Belvedere & East garden4-5-18 TM photos 2017 edits3/25/18 Leda Meeting NJManhattan CenterWitnessing5 days workshopizak3-11-18 Day 13-12-18 Day 23/4/2018 LA03-01-18 Victory Celebration02-28-18 Yut Game02-28-18 Foundation Day02-27-18 Yong Pyeong Resort02-25-18 HJ Cultural Conference2-24-18 ACLC Prayer Breakfast Newark, NJ with Rev. Onishi Family02-23-18 ICUS02-22-18 Rally for the Hopeful March Forward of FFWPU for a Heavenly Korea02-19-18 ILC, Sunhak, IAPP, Peace Road02-18-18 ILC KoreaTps Day Las Vegas02-19-18 IRL HJ Conf2/17/18 YSP USA Inaugration2/16/18 Ossining NY2/14/18 Freedom hall Brooklyn NY2/11/18 Clifton NJ 1 Main (by Toshi)2-11-18 Rev. Abernathy's Blessing Event.zip2-11-18 Chicago Blessing02-04-18 Dr Ki Hoon Kim @ Clifton Sunday Service & Inauguration of Demian Dunkley02-03-18 Toronto TP bday celebration EDITEDTP Birthday Celebration 15 BEST1-27-18 True Family Values Banquet Chicago01-14-18 Demian's Inauguration Boston1-15-18 TM@ NYH1-13-18 YAYAM IPEC Sun Jin Nim1-3-18 Going Deeper DP Workshop IPEC12-26-17 to 1-2-17 Turning Point CARP12-25-17 Sub Regional Leaders Christmas with TM12-21-17 Apple Heaven at EG with TM12-21-17 TM EG Christmas ALL12-17-17 Day 3 Tribenet12-16-17 Day 2 Tribenet12-15-17 Day 1 Tribenet12-9-17 UPF NJ Peace Banquet11-3-17 Energize Couples Retreat in Poconos11-13-17 Victory Celebration10-29-17 Clifton Sunday Service & Pastor Bootcamp Graduation10-22-17 777 Anniversary at Belvedere10-18-17 UTS Seminar Dr Ani Kalayjian 43rd st10-16-17 Interfaith Seminar Dinner Meeting Skylounge NYH10-2-17 Peace Road Detroitx 10-1-17 WEB- KEA Opening9-21-17 Tongil Group visit EG09-07-17 Seonghwa Festival + Blessing9-3-17 Rev. Onishi Seong Hwa Edited8-25-17 Youth Pastors Retreat8-13-17 Dr. Balcomb farewell Service @ BelvedereNew York Hyojeong Workshop7-16-17 EG with TM Edited07-15-17 TM MSG Peace Starts with Me07-15-17 TM MSG 5000px7-14-17 MCS Hyo Jeong Workshop SELECT EDITED07-01-17 ACLC Prayer BreakfastEDITED 2017-6-10 Prayer Walk ACLC LA6-10-17 GPA Graduation UTS6-10-17 GPA Diploma5-27-17 UTS Graduation05-27-17 Manhattan Blessing05-28-17 Family FestSeattle Meeting with Dr. Kim05-06-17 COR Connecting Our Roots Retreat Pennsylvania05-01-17 CIG Missionaries Week 0904-25-17 WFWP and ACLC WIM Women's Month in NJDay3Day2Highnoon Day 1 4-7-17Day1 (4/3/17) Group photos3-25-17 We can do it Tribal Messiah UTS3-23-17 Dr. Kim VP appointment Party3-13-17 WFWP Women Fostering Peace NYC Church Community Center3-12-17 Dinner @ EG w/YNN3-3-17 UTS Board at HQ02-10-17 Korea Day Ten - Victory Celebration02-09-17 Korea Day Nine -Foundation Day02-08-17 Korea Day Eight02-07-17 Korea Day Seven02-06-17 Korea Day Six02-05-17 EDITED Wonmo Photos from Korean Side02-04-17 Korea Day Four02-03-17 Korea Day Three02-02-17 Korea Day Two EDITED02-01-17 Korea Day One1-30-17 CARP LV Dr. Balcomb1-28-17 True Family Values Banquet Chicago01-25-17 Toronto TP Celebration01-18-16 Hawaii Church Opening01-08-17 Maryland Youth Pastors RetreatJanuary IPEC English 7 Day Workshop12-6-16 EG TP Museum Opening with TM12-4-06 EG Victory Celebration12-3-16 ACLC Day 3 TFV Awards Luncheon EditedGraeme Edited12-1-16 DC Victory Banquet Edited12-1-16 ILC Day 4 Capitol Edited12-1-16 TM Leaders Meeting Times11-30-16 ILC Conference Day 311-29-16 Conference Day 211-28-16 ILC Conference Day 1ALL Best for Slideshow Report11-19-16 CARP 50th Boston11-2-16 HSA Meeting at EG11-2-16 Children's Day at EG10-23-16 Dr. Kim DC10-23-16 777 Couple Anniversary10-15-16 D8 Pastors' Retreat10-2-16 National Council Meeting Dallas9-21-16 Japanese Youth at NY HQ9-11-16 GPA Kickoff9-4-16 ACLC WIM Oklahoma8-28-16 LA Church Opening Edited8-1-16 Opening Ceremony with True Mother8-2-16 Sun Jin Moon8-19-16 Fourth Anniversary Seonghwa for True Father8-19-16 TF Seonghwa Korea8-24-16 Leaders Meeting Korea8-9-16 Holy Day East Garden8-19-16 IPEC Blessing8-26-16 Leaders' Meeting Closing CeremonyTrue Children's Day HQ7-31-16 Peace Road IPEC Youth7-30-16 Las Vegas IPEC CARP 50th Anniversary Banquet7-30-16 Parents Day LV7-18-16 Coronation 10 Yr Anniv celebration7-12-16 Latest from Leda7-9-16 Belvedere Blessing7-8-16 East Garden Phoenix Club Meeting7-2-16 Camp One HeartFor Japan: Paper Crane PresentationJune 25 workshop6-18-16 GPA graduation6-11 & 12-16 We can Do It Trib. Mess Chicago6-12-16 Rev. Thompson NJ Sunday Service6-12-16 PBC graduation06-10-16 Cheongpyeong summer workshops6-9-16 Pastors Meeting6-8-16 GPA Lunch at MC with HQ staff6-6-16 Victory Celebration @ EG6-5-16 Family Festival Belvedere Riky6-3-16 TM arrival EG6-3-16 Korean Media Interviews at HQBrooklyn Prayer Breakfast April 30, 20165-1-16 DC Pastors4-22-16 True Parents' Holy Wedding Anniversary4.22-24.16 GPA Family Workshop4.22-25.16 DP workshop IPEC4-14-16 430 TM Day 3 Edited4-12-16 430 TM Day 1 Edited4-10-16 Project Phoenix Day 34-9-16 Project Phoenix Day 24-8-16 Project Phoenix Day 1True Parents Day East Garden3-19-16 ACLC Prayer Breakfast Queens3-19-16 YeonAh Moon Speech NYH3-16-16 WFWP CSW60 43rd Street3-15-16 WFWP (Salvation Army)3-2016 UPF Interfaith Harmony Week3-2016 Yeon Ah Moon Canada3-12-16 OhioFOR BFM FD Blessing Couples PhotosNYC 43rd Blessing (By Toshi Tagawa)3-9-16 HSA HQ Meeting3-5-16 Because of Love Seminar02-21-2016 Korea Trip Day Ten - World Mission Strategy Mtg, GTG Graduation02-15-2016 Korea Trip Day Four - Peace Road/DMZ2/13-20/2016 7-day DP WS02-12-2016 Korea Trip Day One2-2-16 Top Gun Day 11-31-16 UPF New Jersey01-23-16 ACLC Altanta1-23-15 Hawaii Can Do It01-19-16 ACLC Cosmopolitan01-18-16 MLK Day01-16-16 UPF ACLC 43rd st1-8-16 HSA meeting (Rev Rendel last day)01-06-16 UPA visit01-03-16 7-Day DP IPEC12-28-15 Aloha Workshop EG Edited12-27-2015 Dr. Michael Balcomb @ Clifton NJ Sunday Serviceoutreach for yearbook12-22-15 BFM Level 3 Workshop UTS Raw Unedited12-20-15 NJ Golden Age Club Dinner12-13-15 Las Vegas Sunday Service12-12-15 True Family Values Las Vegas12-12-15 BEST UPF EDITED12-7-15 NY TFV12-5-15 BEST ALC Conference12-02-15 HQ Annual Holiday Love Thy Neighbor kick off Party11-25-15 Kona Thanksgiving Concert11-20-15 National Ministry Meeting11-14-15 ALC DC11/12/15 Children's Day at EG11-9-15 ACLC Las Vegas Bestedited BEST10-25-15 777 Anniversary EGTOPGUN edited10-3-15 Las Vegas Blessing FULL10-12-15 Japan inauguration10-7-15  HSA Monthly Meeting9-23-15 Vision 2020 Leaders Conference9-22-15 Vision 2020 Leaders Conference Vegas Day 29-21-15 Vision 2020 Leaders Conference Vegas  Day 19-18-15 MAchida Walk DC_Toshi 5D9-15-15 HSA Meeting9-13-15 Camp Sunrise Sundey Service8-30-15 TF 3rd Anniv. Seonghwa8-28-15 World Assembly of Youth and University StudentsTopgun Slideshow8-19-15 Day 13 Meeting True Mother8-15 Youth Pastors Retreat8-15-15 Youth Pastors Retreat Edited8-9-15 BCSF8-6-15 Peace Road DC8-4-15 Peace Road NYC Central Park8-4-15 Peace Road NYC UN6-27-15 Blessing Dallas6-27-15 Blessing New Mexico6-27-15 Blessing Westrock6-27-15 Blessing NJ6-27-15 Blessing LA5-30-15 1000 Day TF memorial Service LV5-31-15 IPEC Victory Celebration_SELECT5-30-15 Bike Tour_SELECT5-28-15 IPEC Sanctification edited photos5-28-15 7-day DP WS IPEC5-28-15 Dr. Kim, Dr. Balcomb 7Day WS5-29-15 7 Day Dp WS day 75-25-15 7-day DP WS LV Day 35-24-15 7-Day DP WS LV Day 224-05-15 full day_day 1_ 7-day Dp WS23-05-15 7 day DP Day 1True ParentsPeace King Cup 5-16-2015 Graeme5-11-15 True Mother Vienna5-11-15 True Mother Vienna - Cranes Club5-10-15 Bridgeport Tribal Messiahship - Demian5-5-15 GPA Las Vegas5-03-15 Japanese Cultural Festival NJ6-20-14 National Assembly EDITED7-16-14 Elizabeth NJ5-03-15 GPA in NJ5-03-15 Demain NJ Sermon4-26-15 Westrock Demian Tribal messiahship4-26-15 Dr. Kim @ Elizabeth Family ChurchGPA DAY 1, 4-18-15GPA DAY 2, 4-19-154-14-15  Leader's Meeting Vegas_BEST4-15-15 Redrock_BEST4-15-15 Leader's Meeting Vegas - IPEC3-30-15 Cham Bumo Gyeong Translation Team Conferance3-22-15 Dr Kim at Clifton Church Sunday ServiceKorea International HQ3-12-15 WFWP3-04-15 UPA3-04-15 Foundation Day Victory Celebration (Korean Camera)3-04-15 US Leaders evening meeting3-03-15 Foundation Day3-03-15 Party Celebration after Blessing3-3-15 Party after Blessing -Toshi3-3-15 Blessing - Toshi3-2-15 Make up before Blessing -Toshi3-2-15 Couples before blessing Graeme3-2-15 Day before Blessing -Toshi3-01-15 Blessing WS3-01-15 UPF2-28-15 Korea Trip IPTV02-27-15 Korea Trip SSM, CP02-26-15 Arrival2-18-15 Shimoyama2-19-15 True Heavenly Parents Day East Garden02-08-15 1800_Couples_EG_Event-photos02-08-15 1800_Couples_Portraits2-2-15 Honolulu Holy Ground2-2-15 University of Hawaii witnessing1-23-15 Youth Pastor's Retreat12-19-14 ACLC Lunch with TM11-01-2014 Brunch at the Garden Fuku10-25-14 10-25-14 WFWP National Conference Learn to Lead9-20-14 Main Eventaclc brooklyn_09-14-14Banquet - Graeme10-15-14 East Garden TourYoung Adult Gathering RikyPeace Palace Current Photos7-30-14 Loveland Pass CO and scenery7-29-14 Denver CO7-29-14 Cheyenne WY7-29-14 Lincoln NE7-28-14 Omaha NE7-28-14 Sioux City IA7-28-14 Sioux Falls SD7-27-14 Fargo ND7-27-14 St. Paul MN7-26-14 Madison WI7-26-14 Chicago IL7-25-14 Hammond IN7-24-14 Detroit MI7-23-14 cleveland/ columbus, OH7-22-14 Niagara Falls, NYThe Bus7-1-14 Day 10 St. Louis Missouri7-3-14 Little Rock AR Chaptol Media Event7-4-14 Mobile AL7-5-14 Tampa FL7-6-14 Miami FL7-7-14 Savannah GA7-8-14 Atlanta GA7-9-14 Stone Mountain GA7-9-14 Columbia SC07-10-14 Raleigh NC7-10-14 Richmond VA7-11-14 Martinsburg WV7-12-14 Washington DC7-13-14 1 WonJon service7-13-14 BaltimoreGettysburg PA 7-14-14Wilmington DE 7-14-147-15-14 Valley Forge7-15-14 Philadelphia Sight seeing7-15-14 Philadelphia Holy Ground & Church7-16-14 Trenton HG7-16-14 Clifton NJ7-17-14 New York City6-29-14 Day 8 Dallas Texas7-17-14 EG & Belvedere7-18-14 New Haven, Danbury, Bridgeport CTNYC 911 Rally7-19-14 Providence, RI7-20-14 Kittery, ME7-20-14 Boston01-01-16 Kodan NY party7/20/14 Portmouth, NH7-2-14 Day 11 Kentucky Memphis Little Rock6-30-14 Day 9 Oklahoma City and Kansas City6-28-14 Day 7 Albuqurque to TX6-27-14 Day 6 Grand Canyon6-26-14 Day5 AZ6-25-14 Day 4 Las Vegas6-24-14 MT witney death valley6-21-14 Prayer Breakfast Day10-25-12 Welcoming EventDay 1 - Banquet quick export

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