11-02-17 HQ Monthly Meeting11-3-17 Energize Couples Retreat in Poconos11-3-17 Rev. Kachi @ EG11-5-17 Mr. Sawada @ EG11-6-17 History institute meeting at EG (Small)11-8-17 UPF UN Japanese Tea Ceremony11-11-17 Global Peace Choir11-11-17 Global Rally for the Reunification of Korea11-13-17 ILC Day 311-13-17 ILC Day 3 Closing Banquet11-13-17 Victory Celebration11-18-17 True Children's Day EG11-18-17 True Children's Day EG UNEDITED11-21-17 (Full size) UPF UN Japanese Tea Ceremony11-21-17 (Small) UPF UN Japanese Tea Ceremony