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Rev. Kevin Thompson speaks to youth pastors.A group of youth pastors share in a discussion activity.Youth pastors went on a hike in the parks near Las Vegas.Youth pastors broke out into smaller groups for focused discussion.One activity asked youth pastors to share their personal thoughts on God.The retreat featured fun group activities.Youth pastors got to know their peers from other communities.The nature hike was a highlight of the group's trip to the West Coast.Youth pastors took this refreshing outing as time to get to know each other better.A youth pastor listens to presentations.Youth pastors share their thoughts and ideas.National Youth Ministry Director, Kaeleigh Moffitt, leads the retreat.Youth pastors built an "Inspiration Wall" as one of their activities.Thirty-two youth pastors gather at the entrance of the International Peace Education Center.The Peace Center offered a big space for youth pastors to meet.